Graphene batteriesfor electric vehicles.

Using paste-like electrolytes based on graphene, our batteries have a less demanding manufacturing environment. Achieving a 60% of the Lithium capacity and 12 times faster charging time, we offer a future for electric vehicles .

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1350 times faster

Charges up to 1350 times faster than lithium based technologies.

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Only 55 kg

Only 55 kg can absorb the intensity needed to charge a car in 6 minutes.

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Reduces costs

Protected research from partners reduces cost of graphene to ⅓ of the price.

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Fast charging batteries
Fast charging batteries reduce charging time to a few minutes.

Safe energy transfer
Magnetic coupling allows for safe energy transfer between vehicles.

Energy sharing
Batteries that charge in minutes and safe energy transfer offer the chance to tranfer energy while stopped at a traffic light.

Many battery manufacturers,but no graphene batteries.

Graphenano claims to make graphene batteries but none have been seen.

Dongxu G-King battery has been presented but never brought to market due to high costs of graphene.

Small scale graphene based cellsreusing existing battery cases

The research team has evolved from a laboratory cells towards a commercially standardized package. First prototypes have been built in a commercial format.